Assalamu alaikum (peace be with you) welcome to Masjid Alhikmah, a new family friendly Masjid and Community Centre being built here in Aberdeen to serve the community.

“Whoever builds a mosque for Allah will build for him likewise in Paradise.” Bukhari & Muslim

Serving Aberdeen’s Muslim population

Masjid Alhikmah is our first project and we’re providing a place where everyone can gather together to learn, reflect and worship. Women and men, children, the young and the old… all joining in creating a united community and nurturing harmony between Muslims and the wider community.

Open doors to the community

Our new multi-purpose centre will comprise a place of worship, a place for funeral preparations, dedicated women’s facilities and a family community centre for the welfare of all; when complete in late 2015 (target date subject to funding) insha'Allah it will be the first masjid in Aberdeen large enough to offer all these facilities.


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