Project Alhikmah

The project site is centrally located in Aberdeen. So far, a building has been secured, private funds have been pledged, and this will be combined with an extension (consents granted) to offer extensive facilities for the new community centre.

This imaginative urban regeneration project, as a result of private investment, will physically improve the area. We also hope that the masjid and community centre will serve to nurture a sense of harmony in the local community.

If you’d like to know more, please refer to our FAQs page or if you’re likely to be a visitor to the masjid, we’d appreciate it if you would take a few moments to complete the feedback form on our Contacts page

Funding Progress

September 2017


Estimated Project Costs

Cost Breakdown (£)

Cost Breakdown (£)
Target Phase Net VAT Gross
Site – donated and legal transfer complete N/A N/A N/A
1: Extension and external refurbishment 705,802 141,160 846,962*
June 2015 2: Internal fit-out 667,578 133,516 801,094**
Total       £1,648,056
* Actual cost as per tender 
** Estimate cost from QS

Masjid Alhikmah Project Milestones

Practical Completion
February 2016

Practical Completion Phase 1 completed. download

Annual Report 2014
June 2015

Annual Report 2014. download

Contractor onsite
January 2015

Chap Group started onsite with Phase 1 works involving a 22 week construction programme. download

Contractor appointed
November 2014

We are delighted to announce that Chap Group has been selected as the main contractor following a tendering process for Phase 1 (the structural and external aspects). The £750,000 package of work is the first stage of the transformation of the site.

Amended planning permission granted
September 2014

We were delighted to receive the good news that our revised plans for altering and extending the existing building at 41 Nelson Street have been formally approved by Aberdeen City Council. download

Building Warrant
August 2014

We received from Aberdeen City Council our staged building warrant. This officially grants us permission to start construction works at 41 Nelson Street. ACC staged warrant download

Spring 2014 Fundraising Campaign
March 2014

Masjid Alhikmah held their Spring Fundraising Charity Dinner at the Treetops Hotel, Aberdeen on Sunday 2nd March, 2014 – the event was a huge success and resulted in approximately £200k in pledges and donations.

Fundraising Campaign Commences
November 2013

Masjid Alhikmah started their fundraising campaign with a Charity Dinner held at the Treetops Hotel, Aberdeen on Sunday 3rd November, 2013- a hugely successful event which resulted in over £250k pledges and donations. The Charity is now also HMRC registered.

Charity Registration
August 2013

We are a SCIO, which stands for Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation, and our official charitable name is the Alhikmah Foundation SCIO. Documentation download

Engagement commences with the public
May 2013

Masjid Alhikmah project team commence their engagement with the public. Documentation download

Planning permission granted
February 2013

We were delighted to receive the good news in February 2013 that our plans for altering and extending the existing building at 41 Nelson Street have been formally approved by Aberdeen City Council. This means that work can start soon to create our new Masjid and Community Centre.

ACC decision notice download

Change of use of building approved
June 2012

We received Planning Permission from Aberdeen City Council to change the use of the building on the site we had identified, 41 Nelson Street, in June 2012. This officially granted us permission to turn a derelict industrial warehouse into a community centre and place of worship, for this aspect of our new Masjid and community centre.

ACC decision notice download

Team formed to create the new Masjid and community centre
July 2011

The lack of facilities for the Muslim community in Aberdeen had been causing some concern and inconvenience for a while, and so in July 2011 a group of nine individuals from different backgrounds came together and committed to devising an appropriate solution. Their vision was to create a multipurpose facility with a new masjid, janazah service for funerals, and dedicated women and children’s facilities, and a community centre for the benefit of all Muslims living and working in Aberdeen. download

The Design Team

Project Manager

Project Architect

Design Architect

Civil Engineer

Quantity Surveyor

Mechanical Engineer

The architect is Shahed Saleem and here he describes the approach he has taken in his design solution for Aberdeen.

We’re very excited to be designing the newest mosque and community centre in Aberdeen. This is a city of great character and we can see that the Aberdeen community is going to make this an exemplary project.

Our design approach is based on our vision of Britain's Muslim communities as progressive and creative members of society and we want the building to reflect this spirit.

Therefore we do not simply want to import Muslim architecture from other countries, and from other periods, without thinking about it. We want the new mosque to be part of contemporary Britain, and this is reflected in its styling as a piece of contemporary British architecture.

Britain's diversity brings new cultures, new histories and new ways of seeing the world. Muslim communities are part of this new diversity, and they bring a rich history and tradition to share. We want this cultural heritage to be reflected in the building, and have therefore combined the contemporary architecture with traces of an Islamic architectural past.

We are also aware that the building should belong to its place, and we achieve this through its materials, local stone and modern cladding are combined to reflect the surroundings and embed the building into the city.

In this way, the new building speaks of being fully Scottish, fully British, and fully Muslim all at the same time. It is a new architectural approach, which combines and balances local architectural style and tradition with that from the rich cultural heritage of Islam. In this way we hope the new mosque represents and reflects the spirit of Aberdeen's diverse communities, and serves as symbol around which understanding and interaction can happen.

Shahed Saleem,
partner, Makespace Architects

Progress to date

From the CGIs to the final building… watch what happens as we build and create Masjid Alhikmah and community centre. Please come back regularly to see the progress we are making. link


In the interest of providing as much information as possible on the project, we’ve included a number of downloadable files which explain more of the background.


  • October 2015: Fundraising Brochuredownload
  • February 2015: Fundraising Brochuredownload
  • February 2015: Sponsor a Tile Brochure download
  • March 2014: Sponsor a Musalla Fundraising Brochure download
  • November 2013: Component Fundraising Brochure download


  • January 2015: Design Concepts feedback download
  • January 2015: Interior Design Concepts download
  • December 2014: Construction Programme download
  • June 2013: Indicative Building Plans download
  • May 2013: Public Engagement download


  • January 2016: Practical Completion download
  • January 2015: Building Warrant Consent: Stage 2 download
  • September 2014: Amended planning permission consent download
  • August 2014: Building Warrant Consent download
  • September 2013: Change of use clarification download
  • March 2013: Extension & Refurbishment Consent download
  • February 2012: Change of use Consent download

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