Our Facilities

When we open insha’Allah (Allah willing), the Masjid will provide the following facilities for our community:

  • A variety of classrooms, a meeting room and kitchenette will provide ample area for social functions for women, children and men.
  • A dedicated men’s section will comprise a prayer hall, state of the art wudhu units and toilets.
  • The dedicated women’s section will comprise a prayer hall on the first floor accessed by stairs and a lift, state of the art wudhu units, toilets, a place for buggies and a kitchenette.
  • A funeral preparation facility (a maghsal) will be available for the needs of the community.

Facilities Cross-Section


Facilities Breakdown

Level Use Size Capacity
Basement Social (+kitchen), Education & Youth 100m² 150
Ground Floor Male Prayer Hall, wudu, maghsal & office 600m² 650
First Floor Female Prayer Hall, wudu & kitchen 130m² 200
Total 830m² 1000*
* Estimated prayer capacity

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