Meet our team

Our nine-person project team are all professionals who are working on an unpaid, voluntary basis to facilitate the creation of the masjid and community centre. As you can see from our biogs, we’re a variety of ages and some of us are long-standing members of the local community, together with our families, and the rest come from all over the world. We currently have many dedicated ambassadors who have kindly given their time to aid in the project, and have become a vital part of the team.

Ultimately, when our doors open, we aim to have full-time qualified salaried staff to serve everyone in the community. There will also be also many opportunities for volunteers to help us run our facilities.





I’m 29 years old, hail from Malaysia and I’ve been in Aberdeen for one and a half years. I’m a Chartered Accountant and I love anchovies! I really want this project to have financial prowess and be sustainable in the long run.



social services

36 years old, born in England and I’ve been living in Aberdeen for 8 years as an IT/IM Consultant. Away from work I’m a very keen all round sportsman. Looking forward to working with the youth through sports in the Community Centre. A self-confessed perfectionist!



internal community relations and fiqh

53 years old, originally from Sudan, I’m a Chartered Environmentalist and have been residing in Aberdeen for a number of years with my family.



external community relations

42 years old born in the UK, lived in Aberdeen since 1982. I work for an investment firm and enjoy my 5 a day fruits! For the project I am passionate about high standards and best practice.




27 years of age, I was born and raised in the sunny city of Aberdeen. I’m a Chartered Certified Accountant doing what most qualified accountants do, which is work in the Oil and Gas industry! I’m very passionate about martial arts, but can’t seem to find the time to go, insha’Allah; I will indulge once this project is delivered. I’m looking forward to ensuring that we attract the best of our community to make the Masjid flourish and that our youth have a place that they deserve.




28 years old, born in Cairo and emigrated to the UK in 1985. I’ve lived in London for most of my life and moved to Aberdeen in 2007. I am a Chartered Engineer working in Oil and Gas. I really enjoy working with children and hope to help them to be the next generation of leaders. My favourite food: Kebab!




I am a Chemical Engineer and a safety sepecialist by training and education which includes a degree and a masters. I have lived in the UK since 1975 and in Aberdeen since 2003. I have had senior management roles in various industries from chemical, waste management, ports, marine terminals and shipping to public transport as well as a spell in local government. I enjoy charitable activities as well as spending time on fitness and leisure activities. I am also a Trustee of Elsulaimanya Trust andon the Board of Lathallan School.



facilities management

At 51 years old I’m one of the oldest members of the team. I was born in Pakistan but I’m a Yorkshire lad at heart, currently loving life in Aberdeen. I work for a property company so I will make sure that the Masjid is kept clean, safe and secure!




35 years old. I was born in Russia but have spent most of my life in Nigeria, the USA and UK. I have been in Aberdeen for almost 7 years and work in the oil and gas industry. I really want the project to be successful by becoming the place where the needs of the Muslim youth are catered for and where the community as a whole can benefit by gaining the correct Islamic knowledge.

A new home for our diverse Muslim community

Masjid Alhikmah answers the need for a dynamic, active masjid and community centre in Aberdeen. The complex will provide much-needed large space for congregational prayers, facilities for women, education for children and a funeral service.

Our new centre was the vision of a group of individuals who came together to create a solution for Aberdeen’s current challenges, forming a project team and establishing a new charity to this result.

As much as building with bricks and mortar, we want to create a distinctive place that has an equal attitude and works in collaboration with other groups, stakeholders and individuals. We feel this ‘Alhikmah’ – this wisdom – is at the heart of our motivation to be a positive and inclusive community in Aberdeen.

The origins of our name

Our name was the inspiration of our team and is very special to us because it encapsulates our vision: Masjid is Arabic for place of congregational worship; Alhikmah is Arabic for wisdom. The creation of our name is an example of the collaborative approach we take.

Serving Aberdeen’s Muslim population

Currently, around 4,000 Muslims live in Aberdeen and the surrounding area. Most of the local Muslim community are Scottish nationals whose families have lived here for generations and have long been enriching the local community and contributing to the economy by running many businesses, including restaurants and convenience stores.

…and Muslim visitors to the region

The Muslim population in Aberdeen is unusually diverse with the majority of people passing through the region, so in the Muslim community people come from a broad variety of destinations including the Middle East, Asia and Africa. These transient families, individuals, students and professionals stay here for an average of 5 years, studying at the universities and working in medicine or for the oil and gas industry.

Our vision and mission


A Masjid (place of worship) for the remembrance of Allah (God) SWT providing Islamic knowledge to the public and facilitating development of the community (with emphasis on Muslim children and women).


  • Exemplary lifecycle religious services & activities
  • Professional management committed to serve the institution
  • An environment that promotes high levels of community involvement
  • Impeccable masjid facilities.


  • Excellence through individual and collective diligent effort
  • Teamwork uniting us with a common vision even when there are different opinions
  • Commitment to fulfil our duties
  • Shura (consultation) at the core of our decision making process

The Charity

We are a SCIO, which stands for Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation, and our official charitable name is the Alhikmah Foundation SCIO. All SCIOs are regulated by OSCR, the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator.


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